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Renew your membership or become a first-time member of the Spina Bifida Resource Network!  It is through partnership with people like you that we continue to be a dynamic, innovative non-profit agency that brings our community together.

Membership in the SBRN means being a part of a strong support network, along with other opportunities:

  • The Jane Horowitz Special Medical Needs Fund  –  Apply for financial assistance to help offset extraordinary costs for health-related supplies. (For NJ residents only)
  • The Disaster/Emergency Rapid Assistance Fund  – Apply for help with funding medical supplies, non-reimbursable medical costs, adaptive equipment or other basic needs (e.g., food or other supplies). (For NJ Residents only)
  • The Empowerment Zone – Receive our informational newsletter.
  • Fun and educational events – Get discounts for our events, including our Walk for Empowerment,  Adult Empowerment Retreat, conferences, adaptive activities, cultural outings, inspirational workshops and more!
  • Virtual Chats & Videoconferences – Join in for a fun and easy way to connect with experts and peers.

Please take a moment to complete the membership survey form for 2021 and to join as a member ($20/individual or $40/family.)

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