Teleconference Instructions

1. The dial in number and PIN code will be sent to participants after teleconference registration.

2. At the prompt, enter the PIN Code followed by the # key.

3. You will hear music until the Leader enters the call. Then you will hear the voices of the Leader and other teleconference participants. The agenda will be explained, the presenter introduced and the teleconference will begin. You may comment or ask questions during the interactive part of the session or simply listen, whichever you prefer.

4. To mute/un-mute your individual phone line, press * 6.

5. Please dial in from a quiet place away from activity because sounds from your environment will be picked up by your receiver and broadcast to the teleconference.

6. If something personal requires your attention, simply hang up and dial back in when you are ready to rejoin the teleconference.

7. Please complete the teleconference evaluation form and return it to us.
We value your opinion. Thank you.