Spina Bifida Conference 2016

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 Spina Bifida Conference: Empowerment Through the Lifespan!


Several of the Presenters shared their slides with us.  Check them out here:

Adaptive Sports: Even the Options are Limitless – Maria Bournias, Esq., CPA

Maria Bournias – Adaptive Sports


“There Is No Can’t”: Workout Methods and Routines in Standardized Gyms – Christopher Casiez

Chris Casiez – There Is No Can’t


Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities – John Ferguson

John Ferguson – Emergency Preparedness


Can Botox Replace Bladder Augmentation in Children with Spina Bifida? – Gina Cambareri, MD

Dr. Cambareri-Can Botox Replace Bladder Augmentation?


Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus – Catherine A. Mazzola, MD

Dr. Mazzola – Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus


Spina Bifida Clinic (Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation): What You Need to Know – Jeremiah Nieves, MD

Dr. Nieves – Spina Bifida Clinic


Know Your Rights: An Overview of the NJ Law Against Discrimination for Persons with Disabilities – Edward H. Haas, Esq., MSW, Legal Specialist

For information on civil rights and discrimination, Mr. Haas recommends these Fact Sheets: http://www.nj.gov/oag/dcr/library.html#factsheets

You may also contact him at the NJ Division of Civil Rights